venerdì 25 ottobre 2013

Cassata Fiorenza

Cassata Fiorenza
Biscotti are from Prato, Panforte is from Siena, Brigidini are from Lucca... but what's really Florentine???
Turists who travel to Florence usually do not know it, but the answer is Cassata Fiorenza!
Cassata Fiorenza is a delicious crispy wafer, covered in dark chocolate and filled with a rich hazelnut cream, that is been prepared today with the same recipe of more than a thousand years ago. If you haven't tried Cassata Fiorenza, you haven't been to Florence!

giovedì 18 luglio 2013

Old-fashioned sweetness

There are colours and scents so sweet in mind to awake childhood memories. Such overwhelming shades to fill in our soul. Such unexpected flavours to hand down to us incredible stories of a past time. That's how Pastiglie Leone introduces new Retrochic tins.

Available in 6 different flavours (violet, liquorice, mint, lemon, mixed berries, mixed flavours) these old-fashioned candies keep on sweetening the smile of the gluttonous of all ages.

venerdì 5 luglio 2013

Summer chocolate

Sabadì Modican Chocolate
Who said summer means no chocolate??!? It must have been someone who didn't know Modican chocolate! Made in Sicily, in the lovely town of Modica, Modican chocolate is prepared since 1600 following an ancient Aztec recipe. This traditional chocolate can be eaten in the summer without melting in your hands like ordinary chocolate,  thanks to the unique cold working process. My favourite Modican chocolate is the one produced by Sabadì,  a young brand which chose excellent National Fino de Aroma cocoa and selected raw materials (such as Interdonato lemon, Ciaculli late mandarin, Sicilian red orange, handcrafted Trapani fleur de sel, Sarawak white pepper, mascobado sugar) that come from fair trade producers and Slow Food Presidia with respect for small producers, the environment and biodiversity.

giovedì 4 luglio 2013

Traveller's candies

If you or someone who's travelling with you suffers from motion sickness, give Spezzatina Due Sicilie Leone a try. This tasty, crunchy little liquorice candy will help make your next journey through Tuscan countryside the most comfortable yet.

sabato 29 giugno 2013

An award winning chocolate: Amedei Tuscany

Nothing compares to Amedei chocolate. Made in Tuscany, just a few kilometers from Florence, this Italian award-winning chocolate is a treat you will never forget. Made with the best cocoa varieties, such as Trinitario and Criollo, these chocolates evoke the unique nuances of masterfully blended beans in an encounter with classic chocolate featuring a crisp cracking sound and a clean palate. The first bite offers a surprise as a powerful structure flavor makes its entrance after a delicate first impression.
PS: Amedei chocolate will be available at Dolce Emporio all summer long!

mercoledì 24 aprile 2013

Luca Montersino at Dolce Emporio

If you follow us on twitter or facebook, then you'll probably know that from now on you'll find Luca Montersino cookies and cakes at Dolce Emporio :) I am so thrilled to have his handmade delights in our range!
For those of you who don't know him, just let me say, Luca Montersino is a terrific pastry chef (and one of my favourite) who lately opened several shops worldwide. A few years ago, he created a line of food - called Golosi di Salute, which means Greedies for Health - made with natural and healthy ingredients, often milk-free and gluten-free.

What I love about his sweets is the fact that they contain just a little sugar and taste like a dream! Ingredient lists on package foods often reveal bad surprises, but in this case it is a totally different story: here, ingredients are perfectly readable, printed on the front of the package, because there is nothing to hide!

lunedì 15 aprile 2013

Less is more

Looking for an extraordinarily good cake to surprise your gluten and milk intolerant friends? Then this Biscuiterie de Provence cake is what you need! Gateau Bio Amandes et Orange is a rich, dense almond cake, lightly flavored with orange and vanilla (without gluten nor milk!), that will please everyone :) Less is more.